Dedicated to the 100 million victims of communism worldwide.
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Founder of Communism and first leader of the Soviet Union
Lenin's successor as undisputed leader of the Soviet Union
Last leader of the Soviet Union before its collapse

According to the Marxist doctrine, which underpins Communism, Russia should not have been an early convert to Communism because Communism should have originated in capitalist countries with advanced industrial economies.

Russia, by contrast, in the early years of the twentieth Century was an agricultural Society with some 80 percent of its population living on and off the land. Her industries could not stand comparison with those of England, Germany or the United States.

If, nevertheless, Russia turned out to be the world's first country to undergo a Communist revolution and establish a Communist regime, the reason must be sought in politics rather than economies...

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Location:  Eurasia
Capital:  Moscow
Communist Rule:  1917-1991
Status:  Collapsed - 26.12.1991
Victims of Communism:
20-30 million